1. Go on a popular server that has four or five squares.

  1. 2Remember, if you want to be a girl baby, then you can wear the clown suit, or the cheerleading outfit (either red or blue - it doesn't matter). Other suggestions the green sweater, the bee costume, the princess dress, the yellow star shirt, the pink flower shirt, the cowgirl sweater, the purple cross country vest. Some other good suggestions are the pink snowsuit, the pink hoodie, or anything pink.
  2. 3Remember that, if you want to be a baby don't have hair wear crowns, antennas, or earmuffs. Don't be like anyone else!
  3. 4Keep in mind that if you want to be a toddler, then wearing the funster, don`t wear the dizzy it makes you look like a adult, or the flouncy is the best thing to do.
  4. 5Note: if you want to be a boy baby, then wear the long johns, the blue hoodie, or anything boyish. Another good boy toddler outfit is Yukon outfit and sunstriker. Some girl babies dressed as Alaska may ask to be "sista" (sister)
  5. 6Decide whether you're a toddler or baby. If you're a baby, wear what looks cute to you. Look at step 4 on what to wear if you decided to be a toddler.
  6. 7Go into the Pet Shop and sit in a wide open area where you can be seen clearly (Don't sit in the middle where there is a lot of people/ or you will likely be blocked by chat bubbles).


  • Don't just sit there in the pet shop and yell, "Pick me! Pick me!" It gets really annoying after a while. If you want people to pick you, be cute, duh! Say things like, "Grabs wittle soft chewy feet and wolls back," or "Agoo goo goo!" or "chews binky cutely and blinks big blue eyes." Make up something original if you want, act sweet and adorable and people will eventually pick you. Also, don't dress up in a hoodie, sunglasses, and ponytail and expect people to pick you. Dressing like an adult and acting like a baby is obnoxious and you will most likely not get picked. Wear a cute baby outfit, like a little tutu, pink scarf, and tiara. Or if you are a boy, overalls, spinning hat, scarf, and teddy bear. If you need more examples of cute baby outfits, look around the pet shop. There should be lots of babies wearing adorable clothes that you probably have in your inventory!


  • Be nice! You can get reported if you're rude to others.
  • Beware of baby abusers!

EditThings You'll NeedEdit

  • A CP account
  • Membership (not required but recommended)
  • Internet access
  • Happiness
  • Patince

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