1. 1 Dress like a maid. Wear the earmuffs, a scarf, a light blue apron and a bucket and mop. You can't be a helpless maid. Be a toddler for this.

  1. 2Go to the pet shop and say "Free baby made!" (maid won't show on club penguin so you have to say made.) Someone will pick you. Add them and go to their igloo.
  2. 3Remember your still a baby so do some cute things! Sometimes you can trip over your bucket and mop. (Don't do it too much though!)
  3. 4Some things you can do are.
    • Clean the floors.
    • Make the beds.
    • Dust the ornaments.
    • Put cushions on the sofa.
    • Refill the tea pot or candy bowl.
    • Make some simple meals.
    • Feed the pets.
  1. 5At the end of the day ask if you can go to bed. You will get paid a while after you start working for the family.
  2. 6Enjoy being a baby maid!


  • If the family won't pay you, ask kindly to be paid.
  • This will show you how to look after a family and cook and clean etc.
  • You can't cook because you're to young! Ask if the mom or dad can cook instead.
  • You really should have a day off once in a while. If you keep working, you'll be tired out.
  • Be a polite maid!
  • When the family go out and you're not invited use the time to your advantage! You could take a break and play with your toys etc.
  • Dress for success! You don't have to wear a blue apron, try a green one. Don't try a pizza apron, because you'll look like a worker at the Pizza Parlor.
  • A good tip is that you don't need to be the center of attention. You'll look like a spoiled brat.


  • Don't be rude or else you will be fired!
  • Don't be a new-born maid.
  • If the family is mean, leave!
  • Don't say "falls off stairs" or act like you're the child. You're a maid, so it doesn't really count that your a family member.
  • Also, don't go out with Rude/Snotty/Rich moms. They only show you off just like they show off their child.

EditThings You'll NeedEdit

  • A fast internet connection
  • Good clothes
  • Great personality

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