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  1. Clothing is first. If you're a new born, avoid wearing wigs. Wear earmuffs or tiny cute hats. Wear the pink earmuff if you're a girl, blue one if your a boy. If you're a toddler, wear some wigs. Funster is maybe the best one for girls. Sunstrike is very good for boys. Make sure it's not too grown-up, like the Trend, Flutterby, Surf Knot, or the Part. Babies still wear earmuffs, cute hats, etc.

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  1. 2After clothing, go to the pet shop. Don't be too cute or lie. Lying like: "is thrown out of speeding car" or "was burnt bad in a fire and lost family". You know this is not true. "goo goo" or "chews on wittle flipper" is cute. "is small as a cookie" or "is youngest and cutest in cp" is lying, bragging, and too cute.
  2. 3After you're adopted, try not to cry, scream or throw tantrums too much. If your mother or father do not get you a new teddy or an Elmo doll, don't scream and run away. Accept it and ask for it near your birthday or Christmas. If you act mature and good, your parents might get you it as a award, keep that in mind!
  3. 4If your parents get you a new sibling and the sibling is mean, since you are only a child or toddler, go tattletale to your parents. If your parents give punishments to your sibling, they made stop.
  4. 5If you're being mean to your sibling, stop! They won't like that. If you act like that, your parents may send you back to the Pet Shop.
    • You are a baby. You may cry or scream when you're hurt or need something, but there is no need to throw a fit when you don't get your own way.
  1. 6Obey your parents, like I said, they may give you a award for that.

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  • Don't scream or cry or run away when you don't get what you want, if you do, you may never end up with a good family.

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