1. Choose a cute outfit that a toddler would wear(eg. Hoodie, earmuffs, white scarf, trainers, teddy). If you have coins, buy something cute, be creative!

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  1. 2Waddle into the Pet Shop and sit in a free space where you can be easily seen by an adopter.
  2. 3If somebody comes in wearing a dazzling sparkly dress, ignore them, especially when they say "Cuties come here" or something, it'll make you sound desperate.
  3. 4If someone comes to you and says "Awh!", say something cute (eg. Woo Pretty, Teehee, Tanks, Gives Pretty Flower!), don't sound too annoying though
  4. 5Look out for the haters! Child Abusers are popular around CP, You'll know what they look like, trust me.
  5. 6If you get "Picked", say awesomely cute things, be creative!
  6. 7Give yourself a name: Bella, Allie, Heaven, Lavendar, something cute!
  7. 8Get ready to start a new life with your muh-muh! Ask, "Can We Go Swimmy?" or "Pizza Pwease!", something to make you sound active.
  8. 9You can win mommys by a contest called "Wittle Miss CP", but just a tip, Don't bother with them, they judge your personality, imagine your mommy just loved because you wear blue or something!
  9. 10Stay cute all the time. If mommy starts flirting with hot lifeguard or something, don't delete her, just say stuff like "Wets go Home!" try to break them up but stay cute and kind always!
  10. 11Don't jump into every stove or fire you see, also don't drown, look at the facts, when you were a baby did you go drowning or comitting suicide for attention? Stay Realistic-ish.
  11. 12If you ask for a Sissy or Broder, be nice to him/her you asked for them. Never argue who is the youngest, if they want to be younger, let them. What ever happens with siblings, remember, you asked for them.
  12. 13If your muh-muh becomes erotic or abuses you, by all means delete them but hide somewhere so she can't go around following you, if they do just ignore them.
  13. 14Don't grow up too quick, you never grew from 2 to 13 in 5 minutes did you?
  14. 15If mommy is never on, delete her and find a new home. If she finds you somewhere another time, it is awkward but pretend you don't know her.
  15. 16HAVE FUN!!!

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  • Have Membership !
  • Don't Annoy People
  • Don't cry all the time

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  • Don't be erotic by going into mommys tummy or breastfeeding, you could get banned.
  • Don't say "Sits in box that says BURN" when your in the pet shop, its risky what with these abusers around.

EditThings You'll NeedEdit

  • Membership
  • Club Penguin Account
  • A Positive Attitude
  • Creativity
  • Patience

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